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  • Istanbul Bienal

    The 13th Istanbul Biennial exhibitions, titled “Mom, am I Barbarian?”, curated by Fulya Erdemci will take place at Antrepo no.3, Galata Greek Primary School, ARTER, SALT Beyoğlu and 5533 between 14 September and 20 October 2013. The 13th Istanbul Biennial, “Mom, am I barbarian?”, which borrows its title from poet Lale Müldür’s book, will focus on the theme of public space as a political forum.

    The biennial exhibitions will aspire to open up a space to rethink the concept of ‘publicness’ through art and elicit imagination and innovative thought to contribute to social engagement and discussion. Initially conceptualized to include many projects that would intervene with urban public spaces, the 13th Istanbul Biennial exhibitions will take place at interior venues as per the curatorial decision. 13th Istanbul Biennial curator Fulya Erdemci decided that under given circumstances realizing the urban public space projects might undermine their very essence and purpose, and it would be more meaningful for the exhibition to move away from urban public space.

    The 13th Istanbul Biennial exhibitions can be visited free of charge between 14 September and 20 October at Antrepo no.3 in Tophane, Galata Greek Primary School in Karaköy, ARTER and SALT Beyoğlu on İstiklal Street and 5533 in İMÇ 5th Block.

  • Babylon

    Babylon Turns On Istanbul On! Babylon opened its doors in 1999 as a multi-purpose performance center and is Turkey’s leading live music venue.

  • French Street

    Offers a wide selection of Restaurants and Cafes, some of which provides live music as well.

  • Flower Passage

    Flower Passage is a dinning spot where you can enjoy traditional Turkish cuisine and entertainment at historical atmosphere.

  • Asmalı Mescit

    Asmalı Mescit is popular with is wide selection of cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy the streets from a closer perspective.

  • Nevizade

    A cosmopolit spot where you can seafood traditional entertainment night clubs and bars all in the same street.

  • İstanbul Aquarium

    Istanbul Akvaryum holds a leading position among worldwide aquariums thanks to its volume, variety of fish species, and the activities on travel routes. It is a project which makes “firsts” and “mosts” in its field.

  • Pierre Loti

    The famous cafe entitled with the name of Pierre Loti, a famous French writer, is reached on getting to this ridge on which the perfect view of Golden Horn can be watched. The real name of Pierre Loti, who lived in Istanbul for long years and was a real Istanbul lover, was Julien Viaud.The historical cafe is the most ideal place to watch this mentioned view.

  • Reina

    Reina, with its opening 17th January 2002, has achieved its ambition, by becoming one of the most prestigious entertainment venues not only in Turkey but also on the globe. Having taken over the most elite restaurant brands, Reina has continued its success within the entertainment sector and has been the perfect host to domestic and international quests alike.

  • Sortie

    Having one of the most spectacular view of the world Sortie enjoys to provide a biggest venue that you can enjoy every hour of the day, spend a good time, host your foreign visitors, fully enjoy your special occasions and making the most of entertainment and modernity.

  • Anjelique

    Since its opening in 2001, İstanbul’s well-known restaurant and nightclub, Anjelique, has been the must-go place for entertainment. The celebrities of Istanbul’s nightlife-scene have been enjoying Anjelique’s exquisite atmosphere and incomparable view of the Bosphorus.

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