The Haze Karaköy is an amalgamation of space between Karaköy’s Keçeli Han, previously utilized as a stove, and the adjacent historic 1930’s Bobbin Factory, a prime example of Neoclassical ferro-concrete architecture with its distinctive 4.60 m high ceilings.

This stove has been regenerated as “Forneria” which means “the stove” in Portuguese. On the other hand, the building which was used as a bobbin factory has the windowsills and vertical molding between the windows would indicate an Art Deco effect, as well as a reinforcement of perpendicular proportions associated with this.  In addition, the uniformity of the structure, and balcony above the ground floor would indicate a common feature of the period an “esoteric balcony”, as well as the obvious use of a cornice to emphasize the entrance to the building. In conclusion, the structure is an architectural example of aNeoclassical style ferro concrete edifice.

Located in Karaköy’s centre, right beside the harbour and straddling Necatibey and Maliye streets, each with 18 metre high facades, the building, with its 44 rooms and Private Terrace Penthouse Suite with Bosphorus and Golden Horn view also Private Terrace Penhouse Suites with Galata Tower view , is destined to make a lasting impression as it opens its doors.  The Haze Karaköy is managed by Karayköy İnşaat ve Turizm A.Ş.

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